We have a crisis in governance.

A ‘crisis’ is ‘a crossing point, a separating, a putting apart, a decision point, a turning point’, a ‘place of the parting of the ways’.

To ‘govern’ is to ‘direct, steer, manage, modify, conduct, determine, restrain, control’.

‘Self-rule’ or ‘other rule’.

Only the Individual Self is sovereign. Sovereign is ‘over rule’.

Relatively in the Time process, ‘other rule’ may reign/rule over the outward expression of Self–rule for a time, but this is relative, not absolute. No ‘other rule’ is ultimately able to reign over the Self because the Self is the ultimate ruler. And the Self is immanent at centre of each Individual.

Dignity is in sovereignty, all else is violation.

The Individual is judged on their choice, will, that which is initiated from the Self at centre.

We become what we are by the choices we make – Sanskrit: svabhava.

The only true governance is Self-governance.

Responsibility is ‘to be called to account by a higher authority/power’.

God, that is, consciousness and will, sentience and power, stands at the centre of the Individual.

The Individual is God, at centre.

What power is higher than God, to which the Individual may be called to account? Hence Self–‘responsibility’ changes to Self–‘response-ability’ upon attainment of the Self via Reflexive Self-Consciousness.

The Individual is no longer ‘Responsible’ at centre, rather absolutely ‘Response–Able’; able to respond adequately in all times, moments, places and spaces, to any person, thing, event or relation.

The only true governance is Self–governance, for those who attain it.

Self–governance requires, initially and eventually permanently, Reflexive Self–Consciousness (ReSeC); the will to bend consciousness back upon itSelf.

With the attainment of ReSeC, the will is able to articulate formally through 12 disciplinary modes.

If we don’t Love ‘Self–government’, we must hate it, and hate is ‘love deprived of its object’. To hate is to strongly dislike, to push away, to dispossess. Pushing away is to separate, not only without, but within the Individual. To separate is to destroy, de-structure, break apart.

True Self–government is Logos–government, based on/founded in, the eternal forces, forms and functions of the Universal Intelligence, and ultimately the Absolute.

Ultimately it is ‘vehicles’ of Self–governance that we are developing; bearers, carriers and conveyors of the Spirit.

Our definition of Love is ‘the will to work to develop the potentialities and talents of all beings/vehicles, to “Embody the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. Eugene’s last words were “I love you all. Embody the Way the Truth and the Life.”

Christ says “I am the Way the Truth and the Life”.

At centre every individual is atoned, at-oned, with Christ.

At each Individual centre are an infinity of potentials (powers held in) and talents (that which is on ‘loan’, lent, from The Father, God the Infinite) waiting for development.

The aim of each individual is to attain centre (by ReSeC) and then to bring out (de-velop) at least some good new thing, for the delight of the All of which each individual is a modality.

That which inhibits or blocks this de-velopment is inertia, the continuous and historical way the individual has used its vehicle – that is, by listening and reacting to contingency stimuli from other individuals, the environment, indoctrinating organisations, and also within through inherited biases and ancestral tendencies, ‘other government’.

The true value of contingency, within or without, is to learn to oppose the tendency to rely on ‘other government’. The individual has to be let down continuously by ‘other government’ before ‘Self–government’ will become an imperative.

Opposition, aimed at the dis-closure of the essential, immanent–Self, truth, is true friendship. Dis-closure is de-velopment.

LOVE is the will to work to disclose all talents, to infinity. This disclosure through vehicles may manifest (be ‘made fast’) through Hermeneutics, Art, Religion, Philosophy or Science, or any combination of these.